Canon 7D Mark II

For the last four and a half years I have been shooting with the Canon 7D and for the most part the 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L lens.  Its been a great combination for me with the major benefit of being able to handhold the camera and transport it in difficult to navigate terrain.

I lugged this camera and lens with a monopod for support through mid-calf deep mud in Biddeford Pool to catch images of a Snowy Owl with a duck that would not have been obtainable with a much larger rig or heavier gear.  While walking I could put the camera inside my chest waders to protect it if I fell on my butt, I can't imagine doing that with a 12lb 600mm lens.

But Canon just announced the updated 7D Mark II and the new 100-400mm.  I decided to grab a new body and see what it can do.  Some of the controls and changes in the interface make no sense to me, but the bottom line is that the camera has a new auto-focus system and new focus modes that I think will take my work to the next level.

On this site there are already a few images from  the 7D Mark II.  On the cover page the Herring Gull secreting salt water, and the mockingbird were  taken just this past Saturday.